Sarah Colman-Liven good Park Raytown MO

The 15 acres Sara Colman-Liven good Park, located in Raytown Missouri is a spending spot for the family outing. The park houses a couple of shelters that are usually available for rent. Ahead of that, it includes a playground for the kids. Sporting arenas are fully amazing and filled with every necessary facility. They include the softball field, 4 tennis courts, and a basketball court. Further, the park includes 0.63 miles walking track and a horseshoe pit.

A Family Park:

Families need to spend time together at a natural venue to get some fresh air and understand each other. Especially when they are with the kids. Finding natural places is not so difficult. But looking for a peaceful and enjoyable location is definitely difficult in the present age. Well, Sarah Colman-Livengood Park in Raytown Missouri is a wonderful place for the families. The playground in the park is so awesome that kids would never forget it. And they might ask the parents to take them to the park every Sunday. All such amazement is there in Sarah Colman-Livengood Park.

The Sarah Colman-Livengood Tennis Courts:

The 4 tennis courts in Sarah Colman-Livengood Park are of great importance. It would not be wrong to say that these courts are the reason for this park’s popularity. Over time it has been a splendid venue to train a few tennis stars. And presently, Randy Western a local tennis star from MO is based at Sarah Colman-Livengood tennis courts. The courts are lighted with the day and night matches facility. Further, the members can invite their friends to play with. And can also enroll for the random matches, based on their skills and Foundation Repair in Kansas City MO. A points system is active for playing tennis. Each player gets points for playing tennis there which is recorded in their profile. Well, the best thing to do in this park is to play tennis.

Other Sports:

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Besides tennis, the park even has a softball field, basketball court, walking trail, and a horseshoe pit. Certainly, it has everything that a family excursion may require. The sports courts are lighted offering a continuous sporting facility. Sarah Colman-Livengood Park is certainly a blessing for the residents of Raytown. Though in the past a couple of unfortunate incidents happened there. But apart from that, this is a wonderful place to be in. Take a role in any of the sports in the park and improve your health.

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