Octa air GL2 Mini DV Camcorder

Octa air’s Mined presume GL2 is Octa air’s much awaited replacement for the popular GL1 camera. The GL2 has an MSRP of 2799, but you ought to be able to discover it on the road for around 2400 or far better. With the GL2, Octa air did not make lots of modifications; in fact the lens is reported to be the same to the GL1 so updating is questionable. The most evident contrast for the GL2 is to the Sony DCR-TRV950 so throughout the testimonial I will compare the GL2 to the DCR-TRV950. Overall, the GL2 is a great camcorder for videotaping video clip which gives you ultimate control over your image, making it the ideal option for the severe videographer.

The variety of pixels placed on the quarter inch CCD has increased with the GL2, from 270K to 410K. Although a great deal of that is added to the still resolution, I think that the raised pixels on the CCD do enhance the photo top quality. The photo is really specialist high quality, and also really outstanding, it is actually sharp. It is a very difficult judgment to make but I do feel that the image that the GL2 produces is better than the TRV950. It is really refined and also you will need to make the judgment yourself, however I also really feel the GL2 excels in other locations that place it in advance of the GL2, making the slight distinction in image high quality mute.hd tv channels live

Prior to we get involved in the deep evaluation of the video camera, I would certainly like to take a trip around the GL2. Allows begin dead on with the front of the video camera. The lens is a 58 mm L-Series Fluorite lens. Octa air defines the benefits of this specialist lens as delivering the utmost in color quality. Octa air reports that the fluorite in the lens defeats shade aberration. Also located in the front of the camcorder, elevated above and also expanded out from the deal with is the stereo microphone. In the center of the left and also right microphones is the IR receiver. Towards the top of the IR receiver is a red tally lamp that shows whether or not the camcorder is taping. The tally light can be switched on or off. The best side of the video camera is pretty void of any type of attributes, which in my mind is an advantage. The tape loading system is located on the right side, with the real tape expel switch located on the top, slightly recessed. The zoom rocker is additionally situated on the right side. Hidden behind a detachable though still affixed to the video camera rubber panel is the DC terminal, microphone input and headphone output. Browse this site www.octaairmexico.com.