Bearded Dragon Food Suggestions to Go By

With regards to feeding your bearded dragon, there are several very important suggestions you have to comply with. These lizards possess some strict but easy to understand requirements. One crucial food they want is fresh vegetables. Much like other reptiles their principal food is normally reside pests such as crickets and dinner worms. This is not accurate for the bearded dragon; their principal requires are vegetables, fruit, and vegetables. Take this into account when you are setting up your bearded dragon food. Among the best varieties of vegetables for your dragon are:Bearded dragon food


This consists of Collard Plants, Mustard Green veggies, and Green spinach; remember to NOT ever nourish your beardy iceberg lettuce. Ice cubes berg lettuce can eliminate your beardy.

Green beans:

Green beans are essential in your bardies development; the components within support promote vitamins and minerals. Other great foods include however they are not restricted to, are, squash, zucchini, kale and others.


Bardies love many fruits of all kinds, most really like strawberries, mango’s, and kiwi. These many fruits are really best for them. You can also feed them grapes, apples, as with most foods, be mindful on the total amount you feed them. Supply your bearded dragon food that he/she will try to eat within about a quarter-hour and remove all uneaten amounts since they will ruin and harm your beardy. Make certain all fresh vegetables are lower up into small sections, the best way to do this is to judge the space between birdie‚Äôs eye, this is how large the parts needs to be. When the items are far too large the beardy can choke on them. If not big enough some bardies is not going to eat them.

Your bearded dragon must be given a maximum of two times a day as soon as each day as soon as at nighttimes. An effective principle to follow along with is to feed them about one hour when you start up their lighting fixtures and yet again about an hour or so prior to switching their lights off. Always keep their food and h2o food clear daily. Usually do not use severe cleansers or soaps because the deposits may damage your beardy. Make sure you thoroughly wash with warm water to help you kill any leftover bacteria.